THE PROFILE OF CHIEF SIR FELIX CHIDI IDIGA (JAFAC) Felix Chidi Idiga (born June 30, 1963), is a Nigerian Business Mogul/Entrepreneur/Administrator and Politician. He is the Chairman/CEO of JAFAC Group of Companies. Born: Felix Chidi Idiga, June 30, 1963 (Age 54). Dim-Oma Ofeahia, Amifeke, Orlu, Imo State, Nigeria. Nationality:  Nigerian …

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Happy Birthday Hon Chugbo Enwezor

Hon Chugbo Enwezor your leadership has meant so much to us & people of Onitsha in general. You have had such a positive impact on your constituents. You have been a role model and an example of selfless giver to this generation and we are proud to hold you as …

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Tips to avoid nerves when going to the dentist

Maybe you have some phobia and you do not know it, or what is the same, the fear that floods you every time you think about going to the dentist. This phobia causes patients to delay their visit to the dentist until there are serious oral problems that require an …

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5 benefits of health insurance

benefits of health insurance

Someone in your family or maybe one of your friends has told you about the advantages of having private health insurance. Although it seems an interesting idea, you doubt because you do not know if, really, you will take advantage of it. We are going to indicate 5 benefits of …

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What is expected in health insurance plan?

health insurance plan With rising rates of medical problems even in youngsters, it has turned out to be unavoidable to have a decent health care coverage get ready for everybody. In any case, individuals regularly keep away from medical coverage strategy due to numerous reasons principle being an absence of …

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