Hurricane Irma: Left Over Of Florida Keys (Caribbean )


Meanwhile, 6.2 million homes are still without power in Florida. The full breakdown from the Division of Emergency Management 

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Update from Key West

The Key West city commissioner, Sam Kaufman, has provided a final update for today before residents are allowed back into the Florida Keys tomorrow.

  • Food and water are at “critically low” supply levels and the City of Key West is running low on fuel.
  • Two sections of roadway have been washed away.
  • 200 power poles have been downed and Keys Energy estimates it will take 7-10 days to restore power to all parts of Key West. In other Keys regions, this could take up to a month.
  • Some communications are expected to be restored by Tuesday.
  • The sheriff’s office has made “reference to fatalities”, but nothing has been confirmed.

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More certain information will emerge from Tuesday when residents will begin returning.



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