15 Trending Reactions of Nigerians to the disgraceful defection of Emeka Ojukwu to APC

15 Trending Reactions of Nigerians to the disgraceful defection of Emeka Ojukwu to APC…

Emeka Ojukwu

NB: These are free opinions of the people… Add yours if you agree or disagree!

1. ‘That guy has never won any election. He lost his polling unit to the opposition when he contested for House of Representatives. The only thing he brings to the table is ” I am Ojukwu’s son”’ – Frank Ogugua Okoye

2. ‘His father must be weeping wherever he is now’ – Livingstone Immorality

3. ‘He is broke, but that won’t give APC any advantage’ – Pst Abel Okorie

4. ‘He is a disgrace to ndi Nnewi’ – Florence Nwankwo Romanus

5. ‘Emeka is not ojukwu first son..thanks’ – Ekesiobi Promise

6. ‘Seriously? That guy is off his trolley’ – Chris Nkwocha

7. ‘Hahahaha.. We all know he has never had the features of his father… So that’s no breaking news…’ – Amara Nwoko

8. ‘He’s just a fellow who thinks he can use his father’s name to shine but Ndi-igbo knows that already..’ – Amara Nwoko

9. ‘If him like make him enter rivers Niger we no send am’ – Orchman Gabriel

10. ‘Then he never knew his father. The shoe is too big for him.’ – Uche Onyeizu

11. ‘lmao… This is what APC knows how to do best, buying people for cheap popularity’ – Divine Chucks Ezeikwe

12. ‘This is the worst that could be anticipated… What a foolishness! He just brought a course on that honourable family…’- Benjamin Ihute

13. ‘It makes no difference. No integrity. Ask him, hw much does his conscience worth?’ – Adegbe Samuel

14. ‘His father’s name cannot make him. He has to work out his own reputation but I am sorry, he wandering.’ – Cornelius Onyeulo

15. ‘Not a news….he can’t even win his ward for APGA’ – Chuks Daniels Onuoha

Emeka Ojukwu Emeka Ojukwu

Brethren, you have seen that no funny attempt can stop APGA, a Movement of the People! Emeka Ojukwu


#ReElectObiano by Voting APGA to Keep Willie Working! #AnambraIsAPGA

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