5 Activities to keep Children entertained

5 Activities to keep Children entertained

Traveling with children in the car can be a big challenge. Many children are affected by emotions such as anxiety and nerves, which makes them super uncomfortable and that translates into crying, screaming, etc .; and even once on a trip they suffer from vertigo and nausea.

 All this, when embarking on a car trip. The aforementioned, affects the general mood of the members and begin to get all somewhat uncomfortable and nervous, not to mention that the driver of the vehicle, distracts, drives tense, and this, can have unintended consequences.

Niños a bordo

As in the cases mentioned, there is also the case of those children who love to travel! they get on the car and behave super well and enjoy their stay in the car. For either of the two cases mentioned, it will always be useful to have some kind of distraction for the children. Thus, it will be easier to counteract nerves, anxiety, boredom, etc.

Children on boardSo today, 123seguro leaves you below “5 Activities to keep them entertained”:Click To TweetThere are alternative technologies and traditional alternatives read and use them to your advantage!

Movies: there are currently many movies series and cartoons for children. If you have a tablet, you can load in it, a few things that your children can see. The boys love it! They can spend hours “in front of the TV”, so they will also enjoy watching the tablet and maybe even end up falling asleep. If you do not have space to download them on the tablet, or do not have one, your cell phone can also be a very good option, you can even use 3G or 4G (which generally works throughout the country), looking for videos of interest to Children on YouTube or Netflix. They come supports, to put these devices so that it is accessible to the vision of the little ones.

Music: there are children who love music and entertain themselves by listening and singing music they like. So this alternative will depend a lot on the boy or girl, on his age, etc.

Video games in the car! Yes, it can be a spectacular alternative to keep them entertained and fun. There are hundreds if not thousands of games that you can load on your mobile phone or tablet. It is important to remember to wear headphones for the child while using the games, otherwise the rest of the members who travel the car will go crazy. The technology in favor of the man in the car! Now we tell you the solutions of a lifetime. These games are very interesting, because they enhance creativity and family relationships, since in them, the whole family can participate.

We leave you several little games of this type:

I SEE, I SEE: what do you see? … a classic! A healthy game, super entertaining and fun Do not you know? I learned to play it here.

Sing: there are games, in which 2 teams are armed (if 4 go in the car, it would be great), team A and team B, team A sings their first song (a bit), and team B should start a song with the last letter that team A mentioned. Example: the song of team A ended with the letter N, team B must start their song with a word that starts with the letter N.

Tell stories: children love to hear stories of mystery, of dracles and ghosts. If you know a story, you can test your speaker techniques.

Then, there are games like: who lasts longer without speaking, or who lasts longer without blinking, or who lasts longer without laughing, etc. All useful in a long trip.

 Sleep! if the children sleep, they do not get bored. Now … how do you make them sleep … that’s what we leave to you!

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