5 effective tips to take care of your car’s engine

5 effective tips to take care of your car’s engine
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Importance of your car’s engine
The engine of a vehicle is an essential part for your car to work. Surely, it has ever happened to you that a failure in the engine of your car, has caused that you should move on foot or in a taxi, because your car had to stay in the garage. For this reason and many other reasons, caring for your car’s engine is essential.

What is a motor? An engine is the systematic part of a machine responsible for its operation. What the engine does, is to transform energy, whether electric, fuel, etc., into mechanical energy. In automobiles, this transformation of energy is translated into force that produces the movement of the vehicle. In more than simple words, the engine of your car is responsible for the vehicle moving forward, without motor there will be no movement.

take care of the motor of your auto

 Take care of your car
The engine is the heart of your vehicle, if you take care of the engine of your car, you offer more years of useful life to your car and you provide yourself, the benefit of driving a safe car.The most important tips to take care of the engine of your car, which we want to give you from 123seguro, are:
   Control the liquid substances: you lift the hood of the engine and you will easily have access to the containers of coolant, water, brake fluid and oil. At a glance, your containers are visible. Check that they are at the appropriate levels, the lack of some of the mentioned liquids, can end in a very expensive stay in the mechanic. It is recommended to review all of them every 15 days or so, you can even take advantage when you go to the service station to load fuel to be reviewed. In most stations, they offer the review as a free service.

Oil filter: ensures that the oil circulating through our propellant is free of impurities. It keeps all the parts of the engine lubricated and this helps them to be more durable. Therefore, it is so important to CLEAN THE OIL FILTER PERIODICALLY.

Air filter: prevent the entry of unwanted particles to the injectors and combustion chambers. It is also vital to CLEAN THE AIR FILTER PERIODICALLY.

Fuel filter: the fuel, although refining and filtering procedures are carried out to guarantee its quality, may contain particles that would cause damage to injectors, cylinders, pistons, combustion chambers, etc. So it is equally important to CLEAN THE FUEL FILTER PERIODICALLY. In the long run, the cleaning of the FILTERS will save you money, because it will avoid the deterioration of many elements found in the engines of cars, whose arrangement will be much more expensive than changing filters.

Attempt to charge fuel before the warning light comes on: we give this recommendation, because when you let the fuel tank reach the limit, the engine begins to suck up residues that end up causing internal damage. The explanation for this is that gasoline has sediments that settle on the bottom of the fuel tank, and when we reach the minimum of gasoline, the engine starts to suck out that “residual waste” that is at the bottom of the tank.

Cooling System: You have to be attentive to this! If your vehicle overheats it may melt. Use coolant, to circulate in the engine and help maintain the temperature at level.

Pay attention to the indicators of the BOARD: if you see a warning light there, do not let it pass by, even when you turn it on and off, the best thing is that you take your car to the mechanic and make sure there are no breakdowns.

Two points that for us is extremely important to convey to them: one of them is that you make regular maintenance of the engine so that you drive a safe car, an engine that does not work well, it can be cause of accidents, a careless car in its mechanics IS NOT A CAR INSURANCE. The other point that we want to highlight from 123seguro, is that you remember that not all insurance coverage will pay for damages to the engine, only insurance companies will do it, in those cases in which your insurance policy specifies that type of coverages.

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