5 tips to take care of your car’s tires

5 tips to take care of your car’s tires

The tires of your car are a fundamental part of it. Without the tires you could not even move, for more than logical reasons. The tires, are life for your car, and can even mean life for you, because without your tires are in poor condition, you could participate in a serious traffic accident. Therefore, and probably for many other reasons that we need to mention, it is very important that you take care of your tires of your vehicle, take care of them, it is to take care of your car.

What should I take into account when purchasing new tires?
The first thing you must take into account when purchasing new tires, are the specifications that are described in the manual of your car, since it describes the characteristics and use of them (the size, amount of air, etc.) , who need to have the tires for that specific car. As important as them, it is to take into account the way you drive, and the conditions in which you do it: snow, a lot of rain, dry environment, etc. There are different types of tires for cars:

There are tires for cars that are driven in specific climatic situations
There are tires for high performance cars, which have specific characteristics, depending on the performance of the vehicle in question, including: capacity for a higher speed, improved maneuverability and maximum grip on dry roads. We can find, for example, all-terrain tires.

If I only need to change 2 of the 4 tires?
When you need to replace 2 tires, instead of buying 4, you should consider the following:

It is extremely important that the new tires are the same size as the ones your vehicle already has.

Also, the 4 tires should be of the same type.

Because the 2 new tires will offer your vehicle better grip in wet conditions, it is necessary that the new tires are installed in the back of your car. This will prevent the loss of stability of your car.
Tire rolling
To explain it in the simplest way possible, we will say that the rolling of tires, “is the way of balancing by means of small weights, normally lead, the lack of weight in a tire in conjunction with the tire to avoid problems of gallop and the annoying steering wheel movement and vibrations at speeds over 80 km / h. ”
Generally, the ALIGNMENT AND BALANCING of the vehicle are done together. There are two “tune-ups” extremely necessary to extend the life of your car.

When should I perform the tire roll?

Ideally, every time you put new tires on your car, you align it and balance it.The fundamental sign, which will indicate that your vehicle needs a roll of tires is when you feel your steering wheel vibrates or that your car makes noises at certain speeds. This will determine that it is time to make a roll of tires.

Why is it important to perform a tire roll?If a vehicle is badly balanced, the vibrations begin: on the steering wheel, on the floor of the car, on the dashboard or on the seats, at different speeds. These vibrations, produce a wear on your vehicle. So that the balancing of your vehicle is a way to take care of your car.Take care of your tires and tires from thefts
The tires and tires have a high price, therefore, they tempt people who live by stealing others, so one of our tips to take care of the tires and tires of your car, is that you have them insured. Thus, you will protect the integrity of your vehicle and your pocket. We invite you to read “Tire insurance: covers it? How to avoid tire theft “, an article where we extensively develop the theme of your tires and their safety.
In short, our 5 tips to take care of the tires and tires of your car are:

When you buy new tires and tires, acquire the correct ones, so as not to compromise their useful life, or that of your vehicle.

If you only change 2 of your 4 wheels (tires and tires), the new ones will be placed in the back of your car.

Hace aligned and balanced to your car, is a great way to extend the life of your tires.

Hire an insurance that also takes care of your tires!

Handle properly, do not jump with your car, or transits streets not suitable for the type of car you have, because it will destroy your tires and tires.

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