7 Types Of People You Will Meet In Nigerian Banks

7 Types Of People You Will Meet In Nigerian Banks

1. The pen borrowers : These people never go-to a bank with a pen, hoping to always borrow pen, once you give them you’re pen, forget it. 


2.The Master Delayers:These ones comes to the bank to deposit large sum of money thereby delaying you that wants to drop only 2k LMAO


3.I Dey Your Back Crew : once they get into the bank, next thing is to tell the last person on the queue “oga I dey your back” 😂


4.The No Protocol Team : These kinds are influential, they don’t obey the first come, first served rule, too big to join queue..sighs 


5 The Bank Door Rejectees : They always have problem with the bank entrance scanner, LMAO ,you will see them removing belts, phones, etc 😂

6. The Bank Teller/Slip Wasters : These people waste bank deposit &withdrawal slips like tissue paper, always cancelling, tearing, squeezing


7.The Exile People : you wonder if they’ve been on exile or just landed from another planet,always asking for today’s date and time.


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