8 tips to improve as a driver

8 tips to improve as a driver

Driving a car well, is part of the care we must have with our vehicle to keep it in good condition.
To handle it correctly, that is, without forcing it, without major acceleration, without reaching its maximum speed so that the engine does not reach its maximum potential, are some of the driving recommendations that we can offer you. But, there is also another very important aspect regarding efficient driving, which has to do with our life and well-being and that of all those who travel with us in the car we drive.
We invite you to keep reading, and you can find out about some TIPS, about how to drive better, so that you stay healthy / and keep your car in the best possible conditions.

How to drive better?
The first thing that we are interested in dealing with, is what is related to efficient driving aimed at keeping you healthy and alive. To you, and your passengers.
One of the Red Cross prevention campaigns reads: “on the road, love yourself a lot”. We thought it was a wonderful motto and applicable to any route you should take, either in the city or on route trips.

To achieve efficient driving, keep in mind the following:

Manage SOBRIO / A: for your health, do not use drugs or alcohol if you must drive. It is proven that with very few doses of any of the two substances mentioned, separately and not to speak altogether! It diminishes the faculties to handle: reflections, capacity of reaction, they produce drowsiness, etc. So to drive a car well, stay sober.

Do not use the CELLULAR while driving: Rule number 2 of how to drive better, and no less important than the 1. Statistically, 50% of the distractions behind the wheel are produced by the cell phone. A note from Clarín, 2014, indicates that the statistical results of the traffic accident survey, up to that point, ruled that 20% of fatal accidents were due to the use of the mobile phone. To drive better, do not use your phone while doing it, decrease your attention in the driving process and therefore your reflexes.

Another recommendation to drive better, is to keep a safe distance from the vehicles in front of you. This is very important, because if you have to maneuver, or have to do the driver who is ahead, to overcome any difficulty, they will have more space to do so, and can avoid laments.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: these tips to handle well, must also be respected at the time of reporting to your insurer if an accident has occurred. If, for example, you have crashed, and it is determined that you were under the influence of alcohol, you will be excluded from your right to request the payment of your insurer for the damages suffered or occasioned, as appropriate.
How to drive better, PART 2:

Everything in your vehicle must be perfect for you: what do we mean by that? Make all the necessary adjustments so that you are 100% at the wheel, for example: adjust the seat to be completely comfortable; arrange the mirrors so you have the correct visual; put on your seatbelt; and control that all the lights work. Over time, these actions become automatic and we assure you that they will make you a better driver.

When you have to change lanes, do it safely: Before changing lanes, use the rear view mirrors and make sure you have enough space to do the maneuver. For this type of action, it is very important that you use the directional lights, so that the vehicle behind you knows what maneuver you will perform.

Respect the maximum speeds: in addition to taking care of yourself, your companions and those who are close to you, respect the maxims, it will also help not to demand your car, it will provide you with more maneuvering possibilities in case of emergency, and it is another TIPS for efficient driving.

REPEAT: the most important thing about how to drive better, is that it can save your life and your pocket, because remember, many of these TIPS, if they do not respect them, could exclude you from the insurance coverage you have hired, because they are aggravating.
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