What are the differences between theft and total theft for auto insurance?


While either of the two facts, the consequences will not be pleasant at all, there is a fundamental difference that is established between theft and theft and that lies in the way in which the action has occurred.

It is known that in all areas of life the concept of theft includes the use of violence for the appropriation of an alien element while, in the case of theft, the abduction occurs without the need to violate any situation and without any confrontation with the person.

As it is given this differentiation is that insurers also offer different coverages according to the way in which the loss occurred.
Knowing the difference between the concepts will alert you when it comes to knowing what coverage you have with the insurance you have or, from another perspective, know what coverage you would like to have and go in your search.
Why is not car theft always covered?
To produce, for example, the theft of your car in its entirety, you must have left the door open, the keys placed, or some action that simplifies the acquisition of the vehicle by the wrongdoer.

As for this action to occur, the owner of the car must have generated some type of distraction, many insurers consider it a negligence and do not solve the loss of that vehicle.

It is also important to emphasize that the fact of theft has to be clear, verifiable and with witnesses, if possible, because many times the lack of coverage results from the lack of truthfulness of what is said to have happened by the owners of the cars.
“It is known that in all areas of life the concept of theft includes the use of violence.”

No insurer covers the total theft?

To formulate an answer it is important to clarify that although many insurers do not cover total theft, it does not mean that there is no insurance that is dedicated to supporting this type of situation.

To solve it, it is always best to make the pertinent inquiries in each of the insurance firms; and if you do not want to spend more than a day walking around to see which company offers you the insurance you are looking for, it is best to try the offers you will receive thanks 

When you obtain a list of insurers that fit your needs and the characteristics of your vehicle, you can make all the consultations you consider necessary, including everything corresponding to the coverage offered in case of total theft of the car.

Do not dismiss that bad moment that you can get to star! Search in advance for good insurance coverage.

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