Amazon’s Jeff Bezos confirmed as world’s richest man

world’s richest man
Jeff Bezos: topples Bill Gates as world’s richest man

Move over Bill Gates. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has now been confirmed  the world’s richest man, not just at present, but of all time.

Both Bloomberg and Forbes have put Bezos on top of their billionaire lists. Bloomberg said Bezos’ net worth reached 106 billion U.S. dollars while Forbes put it at 105 billion as of Wednesday.

The previous record was held by Microsoft founder Bill Gates with 100 billion in 1999.

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Just 10 days into the year 2018 and according to Bloomberg’s billionaires list…

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg has already made $4 Billion.

Zuckerberg has now moved from 5th to 4th Richest Man in the World and he’s now worth nearly $77 Billion.

Be climbing Zuck, we are coming… #smiles


Amazon’s Jeff Bezos confirmed as world’s richest man


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