Anambra: FG Bans Fireworks Use In Festive Season

AUTHORITIES have announced a ban on crackers and fireworks this festive season in regions affected by the Boko Haram
insurgency in Nigeria.

Police warned violators of the order would be arrested for breaching security by use of such items.

Haruna Mohammed, spokesperson of the police in the southeastern Anambra State, said the use of knock-outs, firecrackers and other forms of fireworks constituted a serious security risk as it was capable of misleading the security personnel on apparent danger of gunshots as well as engender fear in the minds of citizens.

“To this end, the cooperation of members of the public is being solicited,” Mohammed said.

“In view of this, parents and guardians are advised to warn their children and wards from purchasing and using knockouts.”

In line with the directive, members of the public have been warned to refrain from unauthorized use of sirens, tinted glasses and covering of vehicles plate numbers.

Mohammed said any breach of public peace through violation of such orders would attract “severe legal consequences.”

The ban comes in the wake of widespread terror by the Islamic terror group Boko Haram.

Boko Haram has killed an estimated 100 000 civilians and displaced over 2 million others in the West African country.

  1. – CAJ News

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