Must Read: Anambra Guy kills A Big Python After Sleeping On The Girl friend

PythonIt Was A Dramatice event  this evening and a story that will never fade away, it was like a movie he confessed, still in  shock about whole incident, Python

He narrated his experience with anstalkBLog

I Came back from work very tired.
Custard and Fried plantain was almost ready for dinner before I heard a shout from the generator house.
Saint, Saint ooo, come..

Am coming, let me just finish preparing this custard, I answered. She insisted, come o, come with stones and sticks.


Hmm, on rushing to the gen house, I melted.
Me I should come abi, as in, I resemble snake master, abi I folo act snakes on the plane.

Any ways, after 30mins of distant stoning and floggings, we killed this scary tricky creature.

Can I now sleep ?

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