It’s been one full year and I haven’t set my eyes on my queen, my honey boney, my cup cake, my sweetheart, my baby la hot, my girlfriend, Nkechi. I can’t just wait to behold her beauty once more.


Nkechi and I were classmates back in the University of Nigeria Nsukka then and we both studied Economics. After our first year orientation program, I started noticing this pretty damsel of inestimable beauty. She has a good shape and a very smooth skin and can make any guy trip at a glace. From being friends, we became lovers, not just that we became reading partners and we were envied my all and sundry.

After our four years in school, we both graduated with a strong CPGA to cap it all and we were both happy and fulfilled. Indeed NK as I fondly call her, is a blessing to me.

Fast forward to 2007, NK and I went for NYSC and we were posted to different states. Nkechi served at Bayelsa state while I was in Kebbi state. The distance between our various state of assignment made it so difficult for us to see, though we still communicate via calls and text messages. Oh, did I tell you that we both stay in Lagos? Okay, yes! We stay in Lagos.

I stay in Festact town while Nkechi stays with her parents in Obalende. That has been her place of birth and upbringing. After our POP, we both came back to Lagos and our love tripled…we were so much in love.

It was a blazing Sunday afternoon and I decided to go see NK in Obalende and that was my third time of visiting her in her area.

Wow!! We hugged each other so tightly and we were happy that we are back from service to just love each other forever, not knowing that was going to be my last day with her.

Fast forward to like three hours time, we gisted, talked, argued and even kissed ourselves in their sitting room which seem to be lonely as it shelters just two of us as at that time.

I had 5k on me that day as I haven’t withdrawn from the bank before coming to the area and the money was in my right pocket. After NK had escorted me to a reasonable distance, I obliged her to go back as it’s getting late. She insisted at first though but later agreed and I gave her 2K from the money I had, we hugged and bade each other a very “goodnight”.

Walking down the street shows that the area is a big time ghetto with dirty water all over the places, poor drainages, malnourished children and unkempt environment. In my mind, I was thinking, “how do these people survive here?”.

After a little walk,I remembered I had a little piece of paper in which i had written something very important on, in the same pocket which my money is, hence I had to remove the money and held it on my other hand, while searching for the piece of paper intuitively.

In a few seconds, I heard some shouts “Ole Ole Ole Thief Thief Ajibole Ole Ole”… The shout was very loud and was advancing towards my direction…oh my God!!

My money was still on my hand and before I could get myself, three hefty men and a woman started shouting on me ” Thief Thief Thief Thief”. Huh, at first I thought it was a joke and I find it being embarrassing indeed but before I could explain myself, they started beating me helplessly;

Woman: this man na thief oooo, make Una search am well well, him thief my money for my shop con dey run…Ole oloriburuku oshi…koni daa fun eh…!!

Guys: (looking so angry and ready to kill) wey the money dey…you no go talk abi?

Me: Oga please I’m innocent, I didn’t steal anything

Woman: Heeeeeey!!! Mogbe oh, you be thief ooooo, no be the money dey yah hand so? Give me my money oooo…yeye and useless boys, Una no go go work, na to dey thief thief…

Guys: sheybe na you dey thief for here since, we go show you pepper today…Sule lo mu tyre ati fuel wa (Sule, get some tyres and the petrol)

Immediately I heard this, I started pleading and pleading, all pleads fell on deaf ears as those were ready to kill any moments from then.

Meanwhile, I had been stripped off of my clothes and beaten black and blue, my phone snatched and being thrown stones already. I was weeping in my heart, I feel for myself.

One guy brought out his iron made chair and threw at me and this hit my head and I became so helpless as I watch and see how blood gushed out of my innocent head…Oh poor me!!

Who will come to my rescue now?

What will become of me?

As I was thinking and pleading even while naked, the boys came with about 4 big tyres and a gallon which contained fuel. I saw myself being mocked, beaten, cajoled, stoned at, slapped, my ears, eyes, mouth, chest, legs all mutilated by stones and sharp instruments!!!

Oh poor me!!!

Guys: Oya make Una put the tyre inside him body, useless thief, we don catch you today, you go go tell baba God wetin you do wey make you die…oloriburuku radarada, oni iranu oshi….!!!

The tyre was placed round me and some fuel poured on me…I developed a cold feeling immediately as I saw myself being burnt alive…God please why?

Guys: Mumu, Oya say your lass prayer before I go put this fire for yah body now now (he was already holding a match box, about to strike the match stick against the box to ignite fire)…you don dey waste time oh…

Other guys: Alaye do this thing sharp sharp na, you know say police fit come now shaa…make we tish all those thieves around lessons….do fass abeg…!!!

While praying to God, I thought of NK my love, my sweetie, my heart rob.

How will she take this news? What of my dreams and aspirations I had? What will become of my parents?

Oh my God… !! Before I could finish in my wild thought, I saw the fire coming towards me just like rainsdrops falling from the sky….!!!

I heard gboooooo!!! And I screamed and screamed in agony, in pains, in pains and in pains!!!

I think they all raw away as they couldn’t withstand the heat emanating from the fire which was killing me slowly but painfully!!!

This is my story and it’s all FICTION.

It happens everyday in our country Nigeria. If we look the pains caused to us or any close relatives by thieves, we may want to indulge in JUNGLE JUSTICE.

But I ask, is it the best option? I guess your answer is as good as mine, NO…!!!

Let’s stop JUNGLE JUSTICE today.


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©Kenechi Okenwa

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