Anambra South – Undiluted Truth And The Need For Total Liberation

The Undiluted Truth And The Need For Total Liberation – Anambra South In Focus

Anambra South

The good people of Anambra South have for years being starved of their proper, legal and constitutional dividends of Democracy.
The zone’s past and present representatives have done little or nothing on so many issues facing the zone.

For Example;
In educational sector, they achieved next to nothing. Lots of schools left in their sorry states of dilapidation, with leaking roofs and fallen walls. Even in their respective hometowns, this sector remain unattended to.

It is pitiable because in a society with sane leaders/representatives, education is a very crucial sector that should be taken more serious.

The environmental disasters facing the Anambra Southerners for several years now have never in anyway be addressed or attended to. Take for instance, the Nanka erosion site that will soon become a pathway from earth to hell; that’s how deep and frightening the situation is.

A federal representative of the zone is obliged to push/source for the federal government’s intervention, attract the federal government and have her rescue the zone from such disaster. Legislation cannot be an all comers’ affair.

The Health Sector as well is in shambles. Lack of quality and affordable healthcare delivery. It is still a fantasy to so many Anambra Southerners. This is actually part of their campaign promises. Why they have failed and still fails to do the needful is just very disappointing and depressing.

Youths were promised youth empowerment and skill acquisition programs on different campaign grounds. We believed but as at today, nothing has happened. Promises are abandoned once they get to the position (Red Chambers). To these men, youths are used for chant hailing sycophants and thugs during the election periods.

They do not account for the constituency funds provided for the zone from the Senate. These funds run into multi billions of Naira for several years. These funds are stashed in private foreign accounts while the zone decays.
There has never been a town hall meeting for constituents.

It is a repeated mistake to have sent them as representatives. This the time to take a better decision to choose a capable person to lead the zone.

It becomes emotional knowing that an illustrious son of the soil, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is from this zone. A successful business man cum politician. A man that has been in the people’s heart long before now due to his services to humanity, his development strides in the zone, his provided opportunities that lifts the youths of the zone, the initiator of the famous Afa Igbo Efuna movement.

Anambra Southerners, Dr. Ubah is vying to represent the zone at the federal level, all hands must be on desk to achieve this mission. The time for the enthronement of people oriented leadership. The Anambra South APGA Delegates should pick wisely and all the problems stated above will be attended to and made a history.

With Ebubechukwuzo Nnewi, it is well with the people.


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