Anti-Cult Squad (SWAS) Rounds Up The Activities Of Okofia’s Most Wanted Criminal

Unizik CHS’ Special Weapons And Anti-Cult Squad (SWAS) Rounds Up The Activities Of Okofia’s Most Wanted Criminal!!!!!

It Rained Blood Yesterday Night, As The Whole Building In CHS Were Re-Painted Red With The Blood Of The Invincible, Die Hard And Swift Thief That Has Been Terrorizing Students Single Handedly Since Last Month, Following Heavy Blows, Mighty Kicks, Swift And Unexpected Slaps Dished Out By The School’s Gallant Anti Cult Officials To The Culprit…..

This Thief, Was The Same Individual That Escaped Death Few Weeks Ago Following A Failed Robbery Attempt At Pre-med Hall As He Was Chased By Angry Faced Students But Narrowly Absconded…

The Occurrence Made Students Think That He Must Have Learnt His Lessons And Desist From Stealing, Without Knowing That He Only Came To See How Fast Unizik Medical Students Could Run…

He Rather Returned…And This Time, He Came Fully Prepared To Abscond With Any Electronic Device He Sights….Little Did He Know That His Waterloo Was Near….

He Stormed Pre-Med Hall As Usuals To Perpetrate His Evil Act But A Very Vigilant Student (Name Withheld For Fear Of The Unknown) Spotted And Recognized Him While Trying To Abscond With A Phone..And Made A Distress Call To The School’s Anticult Who Stormed The Arena Within Split Seconds With All Artilleries And Weaponries At Their Disposal….

The Criminal, Who Was Then Trapped As All Escape Routes Were Covered By The Gallant Men Of The Anti Cult, Tried To Make Do With His Known Super Power, Speed…But It Failed Him This Time As The Anti Cult Squad Immediately Pounced On, And Grabbed Him To His Surprise….

Within Split Seconds, The Culprit’s Face Was Lickened To Be Like That Of An Old Worshipped Deity In Western Nigeria As His Muscles Of Mastication, Ligaments, Bones All Ran Away From Their God-Placed Positions Following Heavy Blows From All Angles…

He Was Immediately Identified…And To The Shock Of All And Sundry, This Same Man Is A Well Known Motor Cyclist (Okada man) In The Area Who Tours Okofia Route At Day And Transforms Into A Dreaded Robber At Night….

He Was Immediately Paraded Round The College Especially To The Areas He Had Wreaked Havoc Before To Be Viewd By All, As Students, Especially Those Whose Phones Had Been Stolen, Pleaded That They Be Allowed To Take Part In The Blood Feast, But Were Refused By The Anticults As The Thief Was Immediately Taken Away To Be Handed Over To The Appropriate Authorities……

This Should Serve As A Warning To Any Individual Trying To Disrupt The Peace And Security Unizik CHS Is Known To Enjoy As Perpetrators Won’t Be Spared….

Pandemonium Crew Unizik.

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