Archbishop Irked By Hate Speeches, Outright lieLiess


Most Rev. Christopher Ede, the Methodist Archbishop of Enugu Archdiocese, is irked by the prevalent of hate speeches and outright lies that were heightening mistrust.

He urged Nigerians, especially the youths to use their tongues to promote peace and understanding.

Ede told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the Holy Bible says the tongue “is a small member of the body but it can set the whole forest ablaze’’.

”What you say with your tongue, no matter how small it is, can cause uproar; it can cause destruction in the country,’’ he warned.

The cleric, however, urged all Nigerians to respect one another in their utterances, even while expressing their grievances.

He noted that the current spate of hate and disrespect all over the place could damage people’s character, adding that, “speeches are made by human beings and not spirits’’.

“It is human beings, who instead of wetting the ground for peace, drum for war with their tongues.

“It is human beings, who instead of saying things that go with grace, say things that show disgrace.

“It is people, who should say things to promote love but instead make acrimonious remarks.

“So we need to tell everybody that hate speeches, rumour mongering and lies are bad and they lead to bad development.

“They should please stop it in the interest of every Nigerian,’’ he said.


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