Austin: End Of The Child’s Future


That a child has disability does not signify the end of the child’s future or that the child cannot be useful to himself and to the society. Children with cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome, intellectual impairment, mental disability have a place in our society.

When these children are given the proper treatment and care, they go a long way taking care of themselves and to a great extent learning skills that will not only keep them busy but also improve their mental activities.
Do not look down on a child with a special need. Your attitude towards such a special child matters.

Parents who have such children shouldn’t give up hope but should bring them to us at Therapeutic Day Care Abakpa Enugu, where the child will trained and care for.

Many (teratogenic) factors could cause such damages to a child before birth and some other factors which could be as a result of untreated infections, unprescribed drugs etc can also contribute to these problems.

Mothers protect the life and future of your unborn child by taking proper care of yourself during gestation period because your health condition defines the health of your baby.


Stop stigmatization and care for them.


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