Must Read: Beautiful Onyinye Is Her Name

Beautiful Onyinye

Today I met a girl, her name is Onyinye, which lucidly translates to ‘Gift’ in English. And trust me she is indeed a gift, we spoke for a while and it is unbelievable the kind of wisdom and insight that flowed from her very lips, it was truly endless. After several minutes, even more than an hour of interacting with her, I felt really refreshed, not as a result of a physical refreshment offered, but on the other hand it was her very presence that refreshed me. {Indeed people are a seed}

Relationship: Driving Is A Very Challenging Exercise

I know what you are thinking, finally someone is in love? Perhaps you are right, I absolutely fell in love with her mind… No wonder she had already been taken by another and her marriage was just in a number of days. But then, tell me why she would remain single with all that she knew?

This incident reaffirmed a fact that I know well, which is that we are ultimately a product of what we know, and further proved that the right kind of knowledge is enough to change your placement in life. Indeed when you know better, you can do better. For me, Onyinye in my mind salvaged womanhood from the I’ll perception we have come to gather about them as both unequipped and dysfunctional. {She had a lot to offer and the man who is to marry her I am convinced has gotten himself a Destiny Helper}.

You Can trust God With Your relationship.

Indeed being a woman is not about fancy hairstyles, flamboyant accessories, and a pretty face. It is deeper than that. Value is the essence of womanhood!

I thank God for Onyinye’s parents, for truly they did a superb job with her and she turned out really good. Indeed what I saw was a young lady who has consciously gone through the necessary training, which had consequently prepared her for the life ahead of her and made her suitable for marriage. I pray for a wife like Onyinye!

Written by,
Ekwegbalu Nnamdi.
{The Social Doctor}

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