Benefits of aloe vera for the skin

Do you know the great benefits of aloe vera for the skin?

Aloe vera is the best friend of our skin. This plant is rich in victamines, minerals and amino oxides. In addition to aloe vera provides a radiant skin free of blemish and imperfections, also has a number of medicinal properties.

Among the properties of aloe vera are the following.
*Pain relieving
* anti-infamatorias
* nutritious

Do you know some of the benefits of aloe vera?

Aloe vera has great benefits which will be very helpful.
* Serves to treat acide in the stomach, gastritis, and constipation,
* accelerates wound healing, since it increases the synthesis of collagen
* Eliminates Acne
* Hydrates and tones the skin
* Possesses anti-inflammatory properties
* reduces stains and helps close pores
* Eliminates pain in yagas and ulcers
* Increases hair growth and eliminates split ends
Consult your doctor before using or ingesting aloe vera.

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