Benue killings: State govt blasts Muslim leaders, reveals real attackers

Benue killings

Benue killings: State govt blasts Muslim leaders, reveals real attackers

Benue State Government, on Saturday, faulted the Jama’atul Nasril Islam, for failing to condemn the numerous open threats and inciting statements by way of the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore and its sympathisers.

A statement via the Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Mr. Lawrence Onoja, cited that the JNI was once trying to use the herdsmen attacks on the kingdom to misrepresent information via portraying Governor Samuel Ortom as creating an ecosystem of non secular intolerance in Benue..

Onoja said, “Nothing can be farther from the truth. We stand by our before statements regarding the herdsmen crisis in the state.

“There are documented evidences that verify that the MAKH and MACBAN, along with their sympathisers have been making inciting statements.

“This suggests that the attacks on Benue State are inspired through ulterior motives past a conflict for open grazing.

“It is on the record that the National Vice-President of MACBAN, Husaini Bosso, warned that there would be extra bloodshed in Benue if the anti-open grazing law is no longer scrapped.

“This was barely forty eight hours after the mass burial of the 73 victims killed by using herdsmen in January 2018.

“Despite being a predominantly Christian state, there are additionally Muslims in the country going about their lawful business.

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“We strongly discourage and would face up to any attempt from any quarters to polarise our nation along ethnic and religious lines,” Onoja added.

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