Bitter truth about Nigerian Women(IGBO)

I have noticed something prevalent amongst Igbo women.

They are more likely to be married to men they don’t love just for the marital status.

They are more likely to have parents who taunt them to get married and as such alienate them which drives them to settle for men who are not par with them or men who objectify them, just so as to be a Mrs somebody.

They are more likely to get married to men who are not compatible as regards genotype or any other compatibility tests as they depend on the Holy Spirit to do them a miracle as far as they get to marry before 30 or 40 as the case maybe.

They are more than likely to call out single women for being frustrated even when their marriages are a sad excuse for a matrimony.

They are more likely to marry a man who is lazy and unproductive and also fend for him just to bear a title that by default attracts “respect” to them.

Igbos are more likely to stigmatize single, divorced women and single mums .

Igbo women will marry in absentia to “ghosts” that live in the “abroad” and answer names of men they might never get to meet . Oh well until they check out, tired and worn out from the whole facade.

They are more likely to resign their jobs or stop their businesses according to the whims and caprices of their husbands because marriage is the most important thing to them. Whether they are sad and unproductive . It doesn’t matter.

My fellow Igbo women, marriage is beautiful but most of you will never know the true beauty of it, if you continue to compromise your standards to be socially correct.

We need a reorientation amongst members of our tribe. The patriarchy has eaten deep.

Katchy Ohiaeri ,2017, saying the hard core truth.

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