You Can trust God With Your relationship.

Increasingly, a good number of us have become concerned and burdened by the desire to end up with the right person. This is because we have come to recognize the greatness that God has deposited within us, and we desire to actualize it, thus the understanding that whoever we ultimately end up with would to a very large extent influence our outcome in life, either by frustrating the vision or becoming a distraction to us. Hence, we desire someone who would become a blessing and an asset and not a liability.


It is true that unique people often encounter unique challenges, it seem to be so easy for others to find someone and already start making plans to settle down with them, but then for you it is not that simple, because you want to be absolutely sure of what you are getting yourself into. Hence, you have an exact specification or yardstick for measuring the right one. Truth is, there is really nothing wrong with that, for it is only those who do not know what they want, that can fall for anything.

You are in search of a gem and there isn’t many of them out there. Even when you have tried to slightly lower your expectations, no one seem to be hitting the mark still, then it gets really frustrating.

Finally, you decide to give someone a chance irrespective, even when this someone isn’t really ‘Idle’, perhaps he/she still has a lot of work to be done in them, yet you tentatively accept to assume the role of a fixer because you really want it to work out fine. Ultimately, you discover that the more you try to fix him, the more frustrating it becomes.

You must acknowledge the fact that it is only God that can truly change a man. As humans, we may try but then we would eventually realize that except God does his work in a person, he may never be right. But then again, because you are afraid of loosing him/her, you decide to keep trying, holding onto something that is not right for you.

You really have to come to the understanding that God is more interested in your marrying the right person than you can ever be? He has deposited a lot in you, and can’t possibly afford to see that wasted merely because you got married to the wrong person. Trusting God entails acknowledging the fact that he knows the best for you, it equally involves your surrendering your will, because you know His own will is better for you.

You know you have tried your best to fix that person and it isn’t working, why don’t you surrender him/her to God. Knowing that ‘Surrendering’, involves giving him/her up, with the understanding that it is God He/She needs and not you.

The fact is that he must first find God, then find himself, before he can come for you, otherwise he is potentially dangerous to you.

Point him to God and let him go. Allow God do the job that only He can do in the life of a man or woman. I know it won’t be easy, but then that is the essence of trusting, knowing that God desires the best for you.

Then trusting Him to either bring back an improved version of that person you have given-up, or an entirely new person. Hence, plant him/her as a seed so that you can reap a bountiful harvest.

Written by,
Ekwegbalu Nnamdi
{The Social Doctor}

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