Car insurance: 5 keys to be well covered

Car insurance: 5 keys to be well covered

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We are convinced that you are aware of what the Law of Insurance 24.449 establishes, but just in case, we remind you: every automotive that circulates in the Argentine streets must have a car insurance contract. In case of an accident, the insurance company must compensate economically to third parties for the damages that the contracting party of the policy has caused and to this one (to the insurance contractor), in the cases that corresponded (as it is detailed in the contracted policy).

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To be covered in the event of an accident, even when you have contracted car insurance, there are certain elements that must be present at the time the covered risk is incurred. We mention them below:

Complaint: yes or yes you have to contact your insurance and report what happened. You have 72 hours Since the incident occurred to make the complaint, outside that term, you can no longer enjoy coverage. This is without effect if you have not been able to report the accident due to force majeure.

Payment of the premium: in exchange for the coverage offered by insurers against certain risks, you have to pay a premium (usually monthly). To enjoy the agreed coverage, the insurance fee must be paid before its expiration date, otherwise you will not have coverage. We suggest that you always keep the payment vouchers of your cousin, so that any doubt or discussion about it you have a way to prove that the payment has been made in full.

Franchises: It is important that if you hire a franchise car insurance, pay special attention to the terms of the contract (policy). Keep in mind that the franchise implies that you take care of a portion of the expenses incurred after the accident. By carefully reading the policy, you will know what type of franchise to hire, that is according to your specific needs.

Damage to the vehicle: another point to pay attention to. There are many types of coverage: all risk; total theft; total destruction; partial destruction; etc. Before hiring a type of insurance, read carefully what each one of the coverages implies. Currently, insurance can be purchased online, and in that way you can compare all coverages on the same platform and in a few can compare and quote your insurance 100% free, with the best insurance companies in the country.

Compensation for those who were in the car or for those who were rammed: everything related to it must be reported to the corresponding insurance companies. You do not have to pay any money to anyone, and no one should give you money. It is a question that must be settled between insurers. In the event that the corresponding payment is not met or the person causing the accident has no insurance, legal action must be taken against the insurer or the person who does not have the mandatory coverage.

Each case is unique and should be treated and discussed with the company with which the insurance has been contracted, but in principle, if we comply with what we have indicated, you should be covered without inconvenience before the agreed risks.

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