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How to hire the best motorcycle insurance?

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Motorcycle insurance  is a type of compulsory insurance in Spain and therefore it is important to know how to hire the best motorcycle insurance  according to the situation of each person and compare the prices of the different policies offered by insurance companies.     Below, we show you the most important aspects when hiring a …

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What is an insurance? What types of insurance are there?

We can constantly observe numerous situations that randomly end up negatively harming people or companies, both in economic aspects and in healthy aspects. Apart from being exposed to accidentally suffering any damage, we must take into account the economic impact that can have repair or solve the damage suffered. Therefore, one of the best ways to cover all eventualities …

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Nigerians to exploit internet potentials

Internet By Biola Lawal Ventures Platform Foundation (VPF), an ICT company, has stressed the need for a nationwide internet literacy campaign to help Nigerians tap into its huge economic potential. Mr Mimshach Obioha, the Director, VPF Programme made the call while answering questions from newsmen in Abuja on Wednesday. Obioha …

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How long is an insurance policy valid?

It is extremely important that you have all the information regarding your insurance policy. You have to know what coverage you acquired, when the contract begins to take effect, in which cases the policy loses its validity, etc. Having all the information related to your auto insurance, will help you avoid misunderstandings …

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Car insurances: 5 keys to be well covered

Car insurances

We are convinced that you are aware of what the Law of Insurance 24.449 establishes, but just in case, we remind you: every automotive that circulates in the Argentine streets must have a car insurance contract. In case of an accident, the insurance company must compensate economically to third parties for …

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The insurance as a development parameter

The insurance as a development parameter Insurance  is an important factor of development in the economy. In this note we analyze the penetration of activity in the economy of different countries and its importance beyond their participation in the Gross Product of a nation. Our activity, the insurer, is fundamental for …

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