Consequences of automatic carwash

Washing the car very rarely is bad but washing it every day is not always productive either. The point is to find a middle ground that allows the car to be always ready without damaging any of its particularities.

And in a matter of washing, there may be variables that have to do with doing a domestic hygiene of the car, in the house or in the street, for example, or having the car washed in some space destined for that purpose.
The washing centers have increasingly opted to offer a style of manual washing or also called artisanal that closely resembles the cleaning that can be done at home and, as a contrast, have been leaving aside the washing centers automatic (although they still remain in certain places) since they began to be considered harmful for some issues of vehicular integrity.

What are the real consequences of automatic car washing?

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Automatic car washIf there is something particular about the cars, it is that each one has characteristics that are proper to it and that must be contemplated at the time it is washed. If there is something that does not do an automatic wash is to focus on that some part of the vehicle is washed. This means that if there is a bun in the car or a break that involves another dedication, surely it will be without good hygiene because of the impossibility of these mechanisms to stop in every detail. Not all parts of the car are washed in the same way and this is not a distinction that a firm and regular roller can make.

On the other hand, the brushes that form the washing rolls are usually soft and with their action can corrode the paint of the cars as well as damage the antennas. In the latter case it is always necessary to remove the antenna before washing and then replace it when the vehicle has finished passing through the automatic washing rollers.

Another consequence that is usually observed after automatic washing is the observation of a lack of hygiene in areas that have been soiled with organic materials such as dirt left by a tree or the presence of deposits left by birds. In these cases the lack of pressure that is exerted in the automatic washes not only leaves the dirt without removing it in its entirety but also can even expand it causing more dirt.
In relation to the distribution of the wax that can be done in the automatic washing centers, there it is advisable not to even make the attempt since this form of protection of the paint has to be fair and regular throughout the vehicle so that there is no better tool than a hand and a flannel to move it.

They say that to a good listener few words …, but if at times we usually think of our car as another member of our family, why assign a machine the responsibility of cleaning it without giving it a more personalized treatment?
Automatic or manual washing: which one do you stay with?

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