The unconstitutional political principle call zoning

I A Muoneme Esq

In 2013 when prominent Anambrarians like Prof Chukwuma Soludo CFR, Chief Patrick Chidolue, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, Prince Chinedu Idigo, Godwin Chukwunenye Ezeemo etc indicated interest to contest for Anambra Guber election, the then fmr Gov Peter Obi started the political hymn song of “Zoning” in Anambra base on the principle of imagination of equity and justice thereby succeeding in dividing Anambra like never before.

In Anambra I knew before the 2nd term of Peter Obi, there is nothing like someone is from Anambra North, Anambra South or Anambra Central. But right now the political assessment of anyone in Anambra is based on the zone one comes from. Is he from South or North or Central.

This will be used to determine your political loyalty, measurement and participation.

Can one classify this as a just political power play?

It is of common fact that the grand father of zoning in Anambra is fmr Gov Peter Obi with utmost sense of humility and respect to him anyway.
I hold Peter Obi to high esteem as a man who performed very well as a Governor but totally disagree with him on his politics of divide and rule. He should accept the fact that his style of politics is one of the major factor of political setback Anambra is being plunged into now.

Haven introduced Zoning and had a political fall out with the current Governor due to political mistakes and differences best known to them. Realizing that his politics of divide and rule will hunt him back, he swiftly made a U turn, telling us that his current candidate will stay for a term and go to give a breathing space to the south according to his divide and rule reasoning. What a political selfish reasoning! Caused by zoning!

However as I said earlier on my previous write up that is only a kindergarten political analyst will believe that imaginative statement.

Power is so sweet that people like Rochas told Ndi IMO this in 2011, likewise President Goodluck Jonathan to Nigerians.

Politics in Anambra should be measured on the yardstick of political performance through governance and not about which zone one is from and that.

Zoning has no constitutional place in our constitution and it is a tool which have succeeded in dividing and destroying the fabrics of our nation in Nigeria as one state thereby introducing leadership mediocrity in Nigeria. The same thing is about to happen in Anambra currently.

*Fmr Gov Donald Duke* said this morning on Channels Tv anchored by Maope Ogun on the issue of zoning:

“I have never subjected myself to zoning, when I ran for Governor I was not afforded zoning, everybody and everyone was able to run in Cross River.”
He further maintained that, “Besides its my constitutional right to run, you can’t zone my right, I think it’s unconstitutional to zone and besides like I said to you I was born a Nigerian, I wasn’t born an Easterner or Westerner, I was born after Independence. So my outlook is Nigerian.”Concluding, Mr. Donald said Nigeria was in dire straits and should jettison zoning and go for the best.

On this note, i rather vote the *BEST* candidate, I rather vote for Willie Obiano with my Voter’s card when I’m convinced that he truly worked or Vote Godwin Ezeemo considering his investment and being manager of people which will serve as a yardstick to give him benefit of doubt or Vote Osita Chidoka considering his achievements as Road safety Marshall and Aviation Minister. I will also consider Oseloka Obaze judging his person and human friendly nature and other things. The same apply to Tony Nwoye.
But telling us to vote a candidate due to he is a northerner or Southerner or because it is our turn is like telling us to go down to politics of mediocrity smokescreen with equity and justice.

Considering the words of Donald Duke, I have this to say, I am an Anambra man before the thinking of being a southern Anambra.

Vote your candidate about the chances of what he has to offer the state and not on the principle of zoning. We should go for the best and jettison zoning.


*I A Muoneme*
A lawyer writing from Abuja.

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