Tony Nwoye Job Creation Manual For The Youth

JobWhat matters most on every candidate’s election blueprint is Job creation and so far there’s no candidate who has provided a better latitude in job creation more than Dr. Tony Nwoye.

Anambra has a high HDI with lot of youthful population who are entrepreneurial and are prepared to chat their own course with minimal support- it’s from this spirit that Dr. Tony Nwoye wishes to tap from to create massive jobs for Ndi Anambra.

Dr Tony Nwoye understands the economic maxim ” that it’s not the job of the government to create jobs directly but to empower private sector with necessary incentives necessary for job creation” it’s the sole reason why Dr. Tony Nwoye is prepared to partner, and off course anchor his job creation on the private sector. To do this Dr. Tony Nwoye has published plans to create three industrial zones in the state; Nnewi, Onitsha and Awka and will provide infrastructure in roads, electricity, communication, transportation and etc to enable an industrial cluster within this zone. He did also publish in his manifesto, his intention to create three independent power mini-grid in the three industrial zones to provide constant electricity to manufacturing firms. Once this is done, manufacturers from all over will navigate down to Anambra and will make Anambra a strong industrial state, hence creating massive jobs and simulating other economic activities.

Dr. Tony Nwoye did also reveal plans to create a certain percentage statutory deductions from IGR, strictly dedicated to SMEs, this funds will be available for with clear outlines and ease of accessibility to thousands of youths in Anambra who are entrepreneurial and have a workable business idea. It’s pertinent to know that Dr. Tony did give out grants last year to hundreds of entrepreneurial youths in his constituency. The government of Dr. Tony Nwoye will also not hesitate to take up equity in any promising SME and will provide matching funds to specific investors( those willing to invest in tapping and processing raw materials available in the state) to attract them to the state.

Tax incentives will be provided in property and land registration and the numbers of days it takes to register a business and land and also the period of acquiring a construction permit will be reduced to attract investors to the state

Finally, openings in government agencies and parastatals will be advertised and no under-table employment will be permitted

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