Emmanuel, Chibuzo And Chiedu Raped A 14 Year Old Girl


Happened live yesterday at Sky prince hotel along Abakiliki street Awka, the guy in the pix named Ifesi alongside three other boys namely Emmanuel, Chibuzo and Chiedu raped a 14 year old girl on October 1st 2017.

Chiedu and Ifesi are blood brothers while Emmanuel and chibuzo are their friends.However luck ran against him as he was set up to do some electrical work (because  he was an electrician),he came to skyprince hotel to see his supposed client and was nabbed there.

The trio are on the run since den… Rape is a serious offence talk more of raping a minor ( a girl below 18) Let this serve as a deterrent to potential rapists.

Unfortunately two of the rapists Ifesi Nwabude and Chiedu Nwabude are the only sons of their parents who are native of Awka .. thanks to officers Nonny Okonkwo Valentine Odiniru and Udoka Princewill for nabbing the culprit



Source facebook


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