Have you ever felt hopeless

Have you ever felt hopeless, like really hopeless? Some of us are a walking encyclopedia of hopelessness, we can do a very thorough job at describing exactly how it feels, we can easily relieve the moment because we are constantly living in it and that is all we have ever known.

For some of us, every once in a while we take a detore to the boulevard of hopelessness, perhaps in the face of disappointments or a very challenging situation, where it looks like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I am sure you know what I am talking about, either you have been there, will be there at some point in the future, or you are there right now.

In the face of an alarming high rate of depression and suicide in our contemporary society, let us learn a lesson or two from the concept of pregnancy. The period of pregnancy actually, is a baby in the waiting. When a soon to be mother carries that potruding belly for nine months, sacrificing her comfort and her figure-eight. However, a side that we often neglect, or do not easily consider is that of the baby who waits patiently for months and months again, in that limitive environment called the belly, where he/she is confined to a place. But then as long as the mother and the baby waits patiently for the expiration of that nine months, at the end comes the relief.

What is the mindset of the mother and the baby in this period of waiting? It is the mindset of ‘Hope’. The hope that soon I would be carrying In my hands that baby, the sound of his laughter or cry, the playful joy and the hope it represents. And on the other hand is the baby, who looks forward to a new environment where he could crawl, walk, jump and play, unhindered by the umbilical cord.

As long as both the mother and the baby keeps this hope alive in anticipation of the joy that is to come, then the current discomfort would not bring them to the point of giving up. Which is why a woman knowing fully well the pain associated with childbirth still enters the labour room, time and time again.

Truth is, there is nothing like an absolute hopeless situation. All there is, is a season that would soon elapse, as long as we know what it is to ‘Hold on’. No matter what it is you are faced with, just hold onto hope, even when you can’t seem to see any, or believe that any exists still ‘Hold on’. And with this faith, you will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.

Written by
Ekwegbalu Nnamdi.
{The Social Doctor}

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