EYES ON THE BALL…Political Re-engineering of Nigeria’s Federation

EYES ON THE BALL…Political Re-engineering of Nigeria’s Federation.

The story of the Nigeria Project wont be complete without the Igbos, who have played significant role in its decades of history.

The governor of Anambra, Gov. Willie Obiano, from his jaw breaking speech had reawaken the dorsal and hibernating spirit of ndigbo, to see the need for a true federating unit.

The summit today tagged “Restructuring of the Nigerian Federal”, has the apex body, Ohanaze Ndigbo Worldwide as the fulcrum of the igbos.

Dignitaries of Igbo extractions, for the first time under one united eastern Nigeria, dialogue on many issues militating against ndigbo.

And for the first time in recent year, there is this strong indication, this certainty, that this time ndigbo might just be getting it right.

Igwe Bu Ike….


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