That Force Is The ‘Force of Destiny

Go alone.

Have you recognized that there is something about your life? Have you come to recognize that there has been a force pulling you, which has equally informed your daily experiences in life?

That force is the ‘Force of Destiny’, and its major purpose is to pull you towards the path of Greatness. That is why in the midst of people who look like you, talk like you or even share the same surname and place of origin with you, you do not seem to fit in or feel at home. There has always been this voice inside your head telling you that you do not belong here and that you were created for something greater, this is why it has equally been a challenge finding someone who truly understands you.

Such is the price to pay for greatness, for you are not like every other person, you were created unique, shaped for the sole aim of fulfilling purpose, and that purpose is unique to you alone. That is why it is an aberration for you to keep trying to hold onto people and relationships that aren’t meeting your needs {both emotional, physical and spiritual} and are not aligned to your purpose, merely because you are afraid of being alone.

That dis-satisfaction you feel, and have been feeling for a while now, isn’t necessarily a sign of being ungrateful, discontented or selfish. It is simply a result of the force of destiny pushing you away from your comfort zone; the place you are used to, and pulling you towards the place of Destiny. That is why intimate relationships do not meet your needs anylonger, neither do sex, drugs, or other youthful exuberances. Nobody seem to understand you any more, those who once referred to you as the best, now look at you and call you a monster.

Notwithstanding, do not be influenced to the extent that you allow yourself to give into harbouring petty sentiments, hating or keeping grudges against people. You must recognize that it isn’t really about them, neither is it about you. It is Destiny! Perhaps it is an indication that you need to go alone, most times great people are called away from their comfort zone, to a path that looks lonely and unfamiliar, yet it ultimately ushers them into greatness.

That is the difference between the birds and the eagle, you could always find birds flying together, but the eagle on the other hand soars alone, that is why it soars on a greater altitude than mere birds and dares to look the sun eyeball to eyeball.

Don’t just try to fit in, when you were born to stand out. Do not just go wherever the path leads, when you are born to blaze the trials and set the pace. Never settle for less, whether it be people, relationships, or conditions. It is okay to go alone on your journey to Destiny.

Written by,
Ekwegbalu Nnamdi
{The Social Doctor}

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