Guide to secure a used car

Guide to secure a used car

A used car must have insurance that supports it as much or better than if the car were new. There are insurance for cars that specialize in providing quality protection for those cars that have some years in the market and it is good to know what issues are evaluated. To find the best insurance for used cars it is important to take into account some steps that will be useful in the selection process.

asegurar un auto usado

    Freedom of choice of car insurance

The first thing you need to know is that a car does not inherit insurance. When the car is transferred from one person to another, with that transfer there is complete freedom for the new owner to choose the insurance company that suits him best. Many times the best policy for one person is not for another, because the car will have other uses, will be driven with another frequency and, of course, with other drivers.

2. Type of coverage

In this way the first thing to do after buying a used car is to decide what kind of coverage you want to give it. When the cars are many years old, some insurers may limit the type of coverage they can offer. In this case, consulting with expert advisors on the matter is essential.By type of coverage, I refer to a third-party coverage or coverage against all risks and the variables that occur within these groups. Quoting your used car in 123Seguro can give you an ideal overview of what you need and can be useful within what you are willing to pay.

3. Insurance Company

There are insurance companies that have special care and protection for used cars. Take advantage of the advice of specialized agents in the field, such as those you can find in 123Seguro to know which are the most appropriate companies in relation to the car you have and the type of coverage you are looking for.

4. Think of additional

Once you have selected the type of coverage and the company that offers it, you can ask for additional information that may be useful, such as hail protection, which can often be added as an extra.

5. Take advantage of the benefits of a direct contact with your insurance

secure a used car

We know that used cars may require more attention than new cars but, in many cases, they may even be more useful depending on the use that is wanted.However, having personalized attention and direct access to the insurance company can be extremely useful. 

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