Home remedies to harden the breasts

Having firm breasts is one of the main concerns of us women, however, certain factors produce flaccidity in the breasts, among which we can mention.

– Thinning. Losing weight quickly produces sagging breasts, as adipose tissue loosens.

– Lactation

– Bathe frequently with warm water.

– Be exposed to the sun frequently.

There are several remedies to harden the breasts, then I show you the most effective.

– Ice.

Place ice packs on your breasts several times a day, this will help you a lot. You should not use warm water to shower, as this produces sagging breasts.

– Apple juice

Make compresses with cold apple juice and apply it three times a day in the breasts, for 30 minutes.

– Egg white

Beat two egg whites until stiff and apply it to the lower part of the breasts for 30 minutes, then wash the breasts with cold water.

– White rum and lemon juice.

Mix a tablespoon and a half of white rum and a tablespoon and a half of lemon juice, then apply this mixture on the breasts, giving circular massages for 20 minutes. You should not spread this mixture over the nipple, finally rinse it with cold water.

– Dandelion.

Place dandelion compresses twice a day on the breasts for 25 minutes.

– Tips.

• Do not use warm water to shower.

• Avoid the sun as much as you can.

• Try to keep the weight stable.

• Take a cold water bath at least 3 times a week.

• Eat fruits.

• Do not last long without using bra.

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