How Carelessness Took Her Pride, she needs Advice

Malaria diseases

Careless about life has caused him the most precious gift of life, she was the only  child in the family and he under estimated the bit of a mosquito, it started with a fever and it kills with speed,

speed on how Malaria diseases kills
Malaria is one of the most popular diseases suffered in the world especially in forest zone areas like West Africa. Nigeria being a part of this region is not left out from the malaria saga.

The rainy season has once again brought with it millions of mosquitoes that is daily attacking people and disturbing peaceful night rests. Not only do they bite but they also entertain us with their annoying sounds.

The reason why these mosquitoes are so comfortable in our environment is because of open drainages (gutter) and in some areas without drainages at all, dirty water clogs around the houses and this is like paradise for mosquitoes.

Malaria is a disease that is transmitted through mosquito bites and sometimes these mosquitoes can even carry diseases more deadly than malaria and because of this we must fight against them.

Drainages: the hour has come for you and your co-tenants to disturb your landlord for drainages around the house. This is very important because drainages remove dirty water from the environment and not only will mosquitoes reduce drastically but also bad odour will become history in your house.

Mosquito net: some churches and organisations distribute this net free of charge and if you don’t have yet, you can either purchase or make enquiries to get a free net today! If you’re among those that have dumped their own in a box or closet better bring it out and start using. Some have died because they neglected to take precautions.

Fleet: this is sold at most shops and supermarket. Buy one today and when you’re about going out, spray it around the house after you’ve closed windows properly. Remember to avoid inhaling it too much as it can be dangerous to health.

Remember to share this knowledge with your neighbour, family, friends and loved ones!

Be on guard against malaria today and help fight it!!

Malaria diseases

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