How long is an insurance policy valid?

How long is an insurance policy valid?

It is extremely important that you have all the information regarding your insurance policy. You have to know what coverage you acquired, when the contract begins to take effect, in which cases the policy loses its validity, etc. Having all the related to your auto insurance, will help you avoid misunderstandings and inconveniences.
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The related to insurance, in Argentina is regulated by the National Insurance Superintendence. This body establishes the following as very important elements (that is, points to which special attention must be paid):

    Start and end of the validity of the coverage.
    The individualization of the things, goods or persons covered by the coverage.
    The risks covered.
    The sum insured.
    The coverage exclusions.
    If there are discoveries or franchises by the insured.

As established by the Insurance Law, when an insurance policy is concluded, it is presumed that its duration will be one year, although the same may vary according to the insurance company. In any case, the following clarification is necessary:

When you take out insurance, it is stipulated that you will receive coverage in exchange for the payment of a premium (which will be monthly, yearly, etc., as agreed).If the payment that has been agreed upon is missing, there will be no coverage occurred, that is, the fee must be up to date.

It can be said that the liability of the insurer will enter into force at 12 o’clock on the day on which the coverage begins (or the contract is concluded) and ends at 12 o’clock on the last day of the term that has been established, except that There is a different agreement, established in the policy.

insurance policy Let’s talk about Coverages
When hiring car insurance, you will find that there are a few alternatives in terms of coverage and many companies that offer insurance. Keeping this in mind, it is important that you hire your insurance, emphasizing the following two points:

That the type of coverage that will be offered to you, is the ideal one for your particular case.

That the contracted company be serious and solvent.
, we guarantee the fact that we work with the most serious and solvent insurance companies in the country, for this reason, our excellent reputation on the Internet and our huge number of clients.

you can find the insurance comparator, and you will be able to know the different alternatives and prices that are available in the market, with the most serious companies, to insure your car.

Among the most common types of coverages that you will find in insurance policies, we can mention:

    Civil Liability or Third Parties: it is the most basic policy on the market, and it is mandatory.
    Civil Liability + Theft or theft and total fire.
    Civil Liability + Theft or theft and total fire + Theft or theft and partial fire.
    Civil Liability + Theft or theft and total fire + Theft or theft and partial fire + other risks to be agreed.

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