How to carry out the transfer of a vehicle without difficulty

How to carry out the transfer of a vehicle without difficulty (form 08)

transferencia de un vehículo

How to carry out the transfer without difficulty?In the same digital portal mentioned, you can start the process, completing the information that will be requested there:

Type of vehicle
Kind of Procedure
Applicant details
Confirm data

After that, you can enter the corresponding payment for the procedure and take a turn for the signature and completion of the transfer.Form 08

Form 08 “is free if buyer and seller (and their spouses, if applicable) certify the signatures in the Registry, at the time of processing. If not, they have to be certified by public notary. “This form, is the Transfer Certificate, is the certificate that gives validity to the transfer process, without this paper, the transfer would be NULL.

Form 08 is a document that must be signed in front of PUBLIC WRITER or in front of the person in charge of the Registry of Motor Vehicle Ownership. With this signature, the transfer is finalized and finalized.Once the vehicle has been transferred: what about the insurance I had hired?For car insurance, you have 2 options:

    You stay with the insurance.
    You transfer the insurance of the car to the buyer thereof.

For more information, we invite you to read: What happens with my car insurance if I decide to sell it ?.
ou will find everything you need about insurance online.

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