How to hire the best motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance  is a type of compulsory insurance in Spain and therefore it is important to know how to hire the best motorcycle insurance  according to the situation of each person and compare the prices of the different policies offered by insurance companies.


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Below, we show you the most important aspects when hiring a motorcycle insurance  that insurance companies take into account and we explain the different steps to follow when purchasing insurance of this type.


Important aspects when hiring motorbike insurance

When making the decision to  buy motorcycle insurance , we must know that insurance companies are going to take into account some important aspects when establishing  the price of the policy . For this reason, it is important that before starting the process of contracting the insurance you know that the insurance companies will look at:

  • The age of the insured:  the fee to pay for the insurance will be higher when the insured has less age. After the age of 16, some motorcycles can be driven and therefore it is considered that there is an increased risk of an accident. It is required that the person who wants to hire her is over 18 years old and owner of the motorcycle or in case she is not the owner of the insurance or owner is over 21 years old.
  • The age of the driver’s license:  some insurance companies reward their customers with bonuses according to the experience they have driving motorcycles. In this way, if you have more years driving license you can have some type of discount on motorcycle insurance.
  • The place of residence of the insured:  there are certain Spanish provinces where the degree of loss is greater. Depending on the city to which you belong, the price of motorcycle insurance can increase or decrease.
  • The type of motorcycle:  if a motorcycle has a high enough displacement it means that it has a greater power, therefore the probability of suffering an accident is higher. So, in this case the insurance company will increase the price of the policy.
  • The frequency of use:  depending on how many times we use the motorcycle the insurance companies will offer us one policy or another. If we use it every day, the price will be higher than if we use it only occasionally, since the probability of a loss occurring is greater when the frequency of its use increases.
  • The documentation:  the insurance companies will ask us to contract the motorcycle insurance, the driver’s license, the identity card or passport, the vehicle’s technical file and the driving license.

The price of the policy is usually a key factor when hiring a motorbike insurance, however it is not the only thing we should look at. You must  choose the insurance company and the type of insurance according to the price you are willing to pay but also taking into account the coverage you want offered by insurance entities.


What steps should I follow to take out motorcycle insurance?

There are a series of steps to follow to hire the motorcycle insurance that best suits you  and in this way choose the insurance company that gives you the most confidence and advantages. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Search for information
  2. Hiring motorcycle insurance
  3. Contract formalization

Search for information

It is very important that before hiring motorbike insurance, you carry out a broad search for information on the types of insurance that may be available and the different insurance companies that can offer this type of insurance. The more information you get, the more likely you are to hire the best insurance for you.


Hiring motorcycle insurance

Once you have done an intense search for information, you can consider different ways to hire motorcycle insurance . Currently, there is not only the possibility of taking out insurance at the insurance company’s office, but you can also take out the insurance with all the guarantees in various ways.

Motorcycle insurance comparator

The motorcycle insurance comparator  makes  introducing different personal data and characteristics of your motorcycle online, you can choose the best motorcycle insurance  that suits you. The insurance comparator analyzes your situation and allows you to evaluate different alternatives that insurance companies can offer you.
Comparing different insurance has the advantage that people can quickly and comfortably see which insurance is best adapted to their characteristics and needs.

Insurance mediator

Going to a motorcycle insurance broker is another way to buy insurance. In this way, the mediator offers you an individual and personalized advice , in addition to the help in proceedings related to claims. In this way, the mediator acts as an intermediary between the insurance company and the potential client, which means that the interests of the future insured are defended in any case.

Insurance company

The most traditional way to buy a motorcycle insurance is to go directly to the office of an insurance company or make a phone call . Many people prefer telephone attention because they feel the most personal treatment and in this way they inspire more confidence. The insurance company, through active listening, tries to understand what the potential client is looking for and in this way the insured future feels more comfortable and understood.


Contract formalization

The formalization of the contract in a motorcycle insurance is made when the person concerned has paid the premium and the insurance policy has been delivered, where different conditions are specified that the insured must take into account. Thus, there are three types of conditions that the insured must read and understand so that he will not be surprised afterwards.

  1. General conditions:  include aspects such as the risks that are excluded from coverage, the way in which the claims are settled, the payment of the indemnities to the insured, how is the collection of the receipts …
  2. Particular conditions: they detail more specific data such as name and surname or corporate name of the parties, the amount of the premiums, where and how the payment is made …
  3. Special conditions: they  are responsible for specific aspects of the insurance as well as taking into account the differentiated characteristics of the insured.


Finally, you should know that according to Spanish law, all types of motorcycles are required to have at least one Civil Liability insurance . Therefore it is very important that we pay attention to what type of motorcycle insurance we hire and in which insurance company.


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