How to teach a child the value of oral hygiene

How do I teach my child the value of oral hygiene?

The purpose is to get them to brush, kids avoid brushing not because they lack understanding. They avoid it because it’s boring or unpleasant.

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Explaining why is good! Do give them a bit of information here and there. But if you want them to brush, work with their objections rather than what you think must be their reason for not bushing.

With little children, brushing teeth and trips to the dentist can very easily become an ordeal!

Here are a few steps you can take that will help ease the process:

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1. Start young. Children are very impressionable, and any activity that becomes a routine for them right from infancy is far more likely to stay a habit as they grow up. So I would advise that you start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as signs of teeth appear or even earlier by wiping his/her gums with a gauze pad if you are really committed.

2. Talk about it during every brushing opportunity. You’ll not only get in some meaningful engagement time with your child, but also help them take responsibility for their own oral health. With my own daughter, I try as much as I can to stress the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and a clean mouth while we go through her pre-bedtime routine. By conveying the sentiment that “brushing your teeth keeps them strong”, she began to understand that it’s something important for her own sake.

3. Take your child to your own dentist appointments. We are the role models for our children right from the childbirth, and as a result, they begin to copy our behavior in many ways. So it makes sense that if they see mom and dad getting their teeth cleaned and acting friendly towards the dentist, it’ll be easier for them to become comfortable getting dental checkups as they grow up.

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