If I get hit by a third party without insurance, can I claim?

If I get hit by a third party without insurance, can I claim?

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In fact, if you get hit by a vehicle that does not have its corresponding car insurance, YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE CLAIM, almost as a social “obligation”.

We tell you this way, because in Argentina (and in most countries of the world) if you have a car, you are REQUIRED to hire insurance coverage, at least against third parties. So, if you make the corresponding claim to the authorities for the incident in which you unfortunately got involved, in some way, you will be working for the vehicle owner to act accordingly: contract insurance against third parties.

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If it happens to you that they collide and the other involved walked without mandatory car insurance, what you have to do, is:

At the time of the accident request personal data of the driver and the car involved.

If there were injured, you have to make the police report as quickly as possible. The complaint is always made in the branch closest to the place of the accident.

Also, you have to report what happened to your insurance company. It is recommended to give notice within a period not exceeding 72 working hours.
It is very likely that your insurer will give you a series of tips and data to take into account so that the driver of the uninsured car will recognize the expenses of the corresponding arrangements.

These types of situations, if not solved in the short term extrajudicially, must be presented in court.
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 Situations where you can stay without insurance coverage

Not having the policy pays: if you do not pay the agreed fee, the insurance of the car has no coverage on the vehicle.

Use the car for another purpose than the one in the policy: the policy is a contract between two parties and as such, what is written in it must be fulfilled.

Have the license expired.

When the data contained in the declaration of coverage is not real.

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