Ignorance Is NO Excuse

Generally, the average human seeks to gratify one’s self and to exploit the gullible individuals in order to amass wealth, fame or fortune in the world of business /Entrepreneurship, politics, relationships and even Religion.

Only on rare occasions do they have the well-being of their clients or partners at heart. Why is it that we have so many churches, mosques, political parties and Business organizations, yet the masses are not getting any better? If their goals do not tilt towards personal interests and wealth acquisition, what else could that mean??

Ignorance provides such favourable ground for exploitation, but once you dare to know and apply the knowledge, you are marked a threat to such fortune or gratification. you become a target and an enemy. Like it or leave it.

People’s consciences should be sensitised and made to come alive and they should be able to prove for themselves what would benefit them and the entire humanity rather than the bandwagon mentality where people are not allowed to question the validity of some ideologies and beliefs. The world and people are moving, the word “status quo” does not apply any more!



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