ImoGovernorship aspirant under the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Ike C. Ibe has sounded the alarm that to build Imo after 2019, not just any kind of governor will do.

In a recent statement, the former State legislator said, the incoming government after Governor Rochas Okorocha will have to be multi-talented and extremely dexterous.

He said, “It is getting clearer by the day that for anyone to succeed as Governor in Imo state from 2019, you have to be practically everything. You have to be knowledgeable economically, be a great administrator, understand finance, be compassionate, be a builder, not be nepotistic, have proper verifiable education, have international leverages and connections, be a psychologist, a due process advocate and more.”

Lamenting the state of Imo economy and finances, he said: “I see a lot of people parading as governorship aspirants. How many know that the current government has received about 1.2 trillion naira in allocation and borrowing. How many understand that current government is owing over 200 billion naira. How many know that the government has signed ISPOs up to over 10 years post-2019. How many know that the CBN has warned banks about lending to Imo State Government. The implications of all the above is that Imo state will have very limited revenue from 2019 and may not be able to borrow.”

He continued: “How many aspirants understand the support system of the international community or have the skills and leverages to attract same. How many have studied potential exportable resources that abound in different communities that could be explored and exploited to deliver Imo resources from the potential bankruptcy that is evident now. Who has the capacity to find non-taxing revenue and resources to build up the state. It is not enough to run for Governor. Who has what it takes to assemble critical and top notch Imo professionals from around the world to recreate and rebuild Imo state. It’s not going to be business as usual being governor in 2019 and riding ridiculous convoys.”

Ibe stressed that the state finances have been completely damaged and destroyed. “Who will bell the cat. Who will restore the dignity of Imo man and woman and liberate us from the current shackles? Who? All aspirants must be evaluated and asked critical questions. The time is now and not after 2019”, he said.



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