Is it cheaper to have all in the same insurance company ?

It is very common for users to have contracted more than one insurance, as revealed in the Insurance White Paper published by UNESPA, which shows that 94% of the population has some type of insurance. Insurance that stand  s on car insurance (80%), home (75%), deaths (49%) and health (20%). This raises whether it  is better to have them all grouped under the same insurance company or if instead it is preferable to formalize them independently  to get a product with a more competitive price. That is, depending on the offer that each of the insurers provides at each moment.

Is it cheaper to have all the insurance in the same company?

Well, it is a decision that will depend on many factors and one of the most relevant comes from what are the offers presented by insurance companies. Of course, it  can help you save money by carrying out the unification of the policiesunder the same commercial brand, although it should not necessarily be the best choice of all. So you can meditate on this action that you should take from these moments, nothing better than knowing what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the targeted strategies. At least it will give you greater strength to opt for one or another model in the management of insurance.


Benefits of unification of insurance

Grouping all the policies will provide you  greater convenience  in its formalization, although it is not exempt from other services that you should take into account as of this moment. As for example, through the following advantages that we expose you next:

  • You will be able to take advantage of important  discounts on the policy . Even in some offers to hire several insurances at the same time, one of them will be free as a model of loyalty by insurers. However, you will have no choice but to analyze the conditions because many of these promotions are only for new customers.

  • The  facility to manage insurance  is another reason that can make you opt for this management model. In this sense, you can not forget that you will always have more advantages for its correct administration. From raising a claim to inform you about any incident you have with this product. Your follow-up, in short, will be channeled through simpler channels for your personal interests.

  • In their desire to reward your loyalty, companies in the sector tend to present  better contract conditions  than in the competition. As a consequence, you will come to the conclusion that it is always better to group all the policies in the same company than to do it separately. To the point that it will be necessary to verify if the application of this commercial strategy entails a reduction of the receipt that you have to pay every year. If so, the decision will be the most successful of all.


One of these strategies to solve this problem is to go to an insurance broker. The reason is that they work independently with the best insurance companies and will know at all times what is best for you. Even from the access to the best offers and promotions in the sector. Nobody better than the brokerages will know if it suits you to unify the insurances or it will be better to stay as until now, as for example  Nogal Insurance .

Some disadvantages of grouping them

In any case, before grouping all the policies in the same insurer it will be very convenient to analyze these proposals. Because  in all cases it will not be a profitable operation  and will even require negotiation very well directed by you and above all greater transparency in the information of the offers for accepting this management model. Not in vain, it is not always gold that shines, but it will generate some other uncertainty regarding the application of this commercial strategy.

From this general scenario, you should keep in mind some of the  main drawbacks  of carrying out this action with your most relevant insurance.

  • The actual saving may not be as real as it seems at first. This is because the offer presented to you is very relevant discounts, but you have to face a higher annual fee than before as a result of importing coverage that is not demanded by you.

  • It must be very clear that the new conditions will be forever and that they will not be changed after a few years have passed. In this sense, you should leave everything very clear with the company receiving all or most of your insurance.

  • The adoption of this management model could lead to a change in the forms of payment and that may create more than one problem in its maintenance. You will have no choice but to negotiate if they allow you to split the payment, renew your needs or even incorporate some of the advantages you enjoyed with the old policy.

Do you think it is better to unify insurance or have them contracted in different companies?

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