Is there a deadline to pay the claim?

Is there a deadline to pay the claim?

Do we summarize some key terms and then talk about deadlines? Let’s refresh the memory !.

 insurance: a car insurance is a contract that covers potential risks that arise from the driving of a car. insurance policy: “is the contract between an insured and an insurance company, which establishes the rights and obligations of both, in relation to the insurance contracted.”


car accidents: this is when the risk (or one of them) occurs that is discussed in the insurance policy. When the loss occurs, it is when the obligations of the insurance company begin.

Now that we have left those terms clear, we tell you how is the issue regarding how long an insurer has to pay a claim

Deadlines for the payment of car claimsIt is important to clarify that there is legal regulation regarding this issue, but that, in addition, it depends a lot on the type of accident in which you are involved and on the times that the company you have hired handles.

With respect to legal regulation, Law 17418, whose name is “Insurance Law”, speaks about it. There, it is stipulated that the company to which the insurance has been contracted must pay within a maximum period of fifteen days, starting from when the amount of the indemnity was set, or as the case may be, since the insured accepted the compensation offered.

It should be clarified that prior to this, the claim must be made of the incident, then the loss is assessed, etc., so we end up talking about about 48 days since the incident occurred.

Remember that the step that starts the entire process to receive compensation, is that you make the corresponding report of the incident, within 72 hours of the incident occurred. It is an obligation borne by the insured, which appears in the insurance policies.

The loss influences the payment time

As we mentioned before, the type of loss also influences the payment times, for example, when requests for compensation for theft or total destruction are presented, they are processes that have more delay than in other types of car accidents, given that the insurer has to assess the loss and corroborate that it is a real event; that the destruction of the unit is indeed total; etc.

Once the controls are completed, the insurance company responsible for the coverage will contact the insured and inform about the details of the payment that must be made. So, while there are general terms already stipulated, each case can have its particularities.

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