Local Remedies On how the Vagi~a can be Reduce in Size

Do you know that:

1. some sisters go as far as using local remedies on their vagi*a to reduce the size of it’s opening?? How do people wallow in this kind of stupidity and still demand respect from their partners? Who are you trying to impress by this unhealthy practice? Do you think that having a tight vagina keeps him away from other side chics ?

2. Most birth control measures commonly used in this part of the world with all their side effects, are carried out on women? Most men refuse these procedures and their women bear the weight of it all.

3. In event of an unprecedented pregnancy as the case may be, it is the woman whose body is dangerously exposed to health hazards and stands the chances of losing her life?

4. Most girls /ladies habitually swallow birth control pills because their men refused the use of condoms( barrier method), NOT because they feel it’s good for them or they prefer it? These men would have disappeared into thin air by the time they come up with complications or even infertility in future.

Sister, do things because you think they are good for you or that you prefer them based on an informed knowledge and decision, not just to please a self-centered , inconsiderate human who does not even care about your future & welfare.

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