Lose Weight And Skipping lunch Food

This is the biggest mistake everyone makes!

No matter how much exercise or cardio or skipping you do, you won’t lose weight!

Lose Weight
Lose Weight

The only way you can lose weight is by a proper DIET!

Even if you skip for 10 mins you will burn just 150–200 calories!

A burger contains more than 500–700 calories!!!

So you do the math,

Have a proper diet with low sugar content and you will see the results.

The more strict diet you follow the more quicker will be the results!


Yes, skipping or jump rope help in reducing weight and body fat, both. BUT, there is a question–what about the muscles? They can go lose in the process.

Now, while concentrating on body weight and body fat, we should not put muscles at the back of our mind. Strong muscles and less fat means powerful body. And I am sure you would like it, isn’t it?

So, I would say jump rope (50 reps x 10–after every 50 rest for 30 seconds) in the morning, swimming in the evening. Or, vice versa.

Everything is hit and trial method. Try this out for a month, and see the effect on your body. One thing is for sure… in no way you will gain weight.

But remember, for losing weight and losing fat (this is more important than losing weight), have healthy lifestyle, clean eating habits, sleep for 7 hours at night, keep yourself hydrated (don’t overdo it!) and do “time management”


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