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It is really funny how a girl you haven’t so much as looked at suggestively, not to even talk of flirting with, could go around telling others of how much of a flirt you are. It then makes you wonder to yourself, ‘If really I am a flirt, then whatever happened to her skirt?’, or doesn’t she consider herself fine enough to be flirted with?

I realised that a lot of people are just very judgemental, so much so that they tend to paint black or condemn anything they don’t understand. Because that somehow makes them feel good about themselves.

I realised it has become a fashion to judge every good looking guy as a womanizer, and every successful single lady as a harlot. Somehow it justifies the ill-informed perception we hold of how impossible it is for a handsome guy to keep his eyes away from women, or how impossible it is for a young lady to break even in life and become successful solely based on hardwork and reliance in God.

So you thought so highly of him, till the day he tried to kiss you, and then you went around saying he is a beast and a hypocrite? Yet, it was you who continuously flauted yourself seductively before him.

He is a good guy and you agreed “No Sex before Marriage”, but yet you spend most nights in his house, wearing nothing but his T-shirt on. Yet you expect him to understand that that you are a virgin and has sworn to remain so till your wedding day?

Meanwhile that he asked for Sex doesn’t necessarily make him evil, it makes him human. And a man who has blood running through his veins can be sexually aroused either by what he hears or by what he sees.

That he expressed the thoughts in his mind doesn’t necessarily make him carnal ‘Sister Righteous’, it merely means that the thing in between his legs is active and working, except of course you would prefer to marry an impotent man who you would have to invoke his manhood spiritually before it starts functioning on your wedding night. However, while insisting on abstainance why not show some level of understanding for his plight. After all, to have an erection is not that easy my friend!

Let us all try as much as possible to be reasonable and very objective, we should avoid running into conclusions prematurely. While it is called common sex, I still don’t believe that it is that common after all. That you are fair and fine doesn’t make you the Queen of England, that you are tall and slim still doesn’t make you a model.

Just me and my thoughts.. 💭

Written by,
Ekwegbalu Nnamdi.
{Mr Insightz}

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