Nigeria Can Be Assured Of A Robust And Safer Economy in 2019 ~ Dr Ifeanyi Ubah

Nigeria Can Be Assured Of A Robust And Safer Economy in 2019 ~ Dr Ifeanyi Ubah

Dr Ifeanyi Ubah
Dr Ifeanyi Ubah

“In today’s Nigeria, viable and valuable opportunities abound in the sports industry, especially in the football subsector.

While these opportunities are currently being allowed to fade unattended to, it is my firm belief that Nigeria can effectively and efficiently harness these potentials, providing her economy with the platform to reap the bountiful benefits of football and other sporting activities.

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This, we can achieve through the provision of a conducive business and sporting environment targeted at strategically engaging and encouraging the participation of private and institutional investors as found in advanced economies.

With an appreciation of football as a key economic driver and a conscious implementation of a sports-based economic diversification policy and programme, Nigeria and Nigerians can be assured of a robust and safer economy.”


Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah
FC Ifeanyi Ubah/Anambra State FA

On the occassion of FCIU at 4 – Celebrating 4 years of consistency 7th January, 2018. Dr Ifeanyi Ubah


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