The privacy of visitors to our site is our priority and a very important component. We strive to ensure that when you work with our site you receive only positive emotions and a maximum of useful information using the possibilities of the Internet.

The Confidential Information of Users indicated when entering the registration data (and also in other cases) is usually used to select the Products or Services according to your needs. Any personal information can not be transferred in any way to third parties, except in the cases and in the part specified in the “Consent with the mailing”.

On this site the following information can be requested:

The user name and e-mail address, with the consent to the newsletters, this information can be used to send the materials and information of the mailing you requested to the address of the specified electronic mailbox. The specified data can be transferred to the third parties, only in cases provided by the current legislation.

With the help of cookies and information about visitors, data on the actions of the site audience and all subdomains are collected to optimize its work, expand functions and create more meaningful content and services for guests and users of the site.

If you do not want to transfer the Cookie to a third-party server, you just need to go to your browser’s settings and lock these files by checking the box in the corresponding box, you can also set options in the settings so that the system notifies them every time they send it. But in this case, some features of the site may become unavailable, or work incorrectly.

To ensure the privacy policy of personal information, we use and constantly update all kinds of programs for the reliable protection of requested information. Our Internet resource constantly monitors the development of international requirements for the control over trusted data received on the Internet. We strictly adhere to all world standards in ensuring the safety of information, constantly train our employees, and strictly monitor the implementation of all instructions and norms, and we must also notify them of the Confidentiality Notice.

However, for even greater guarantees of information security, you, in addition to the measures we have taken to ensure it, must actively participate in its safety. The services and sites that we provide are already protected from information leakage, its illegal use or any amendments to it without your consent. However, despite all these precautions, our site can not guarantee you a 100% result of protecting your data from hackers or malicious programs.

If you make any changes or additions to the privacy policy, they will be published on this page and where you can read them. Or in some exceptional cases, these changes will be sent to you by letter to the address of your mailbox specified at the time of registration.