Relationship: Driving Is A Very Challenging Exercise

The Highway Life.

Learning how to drive is a very challenging exercise, it can be both thrilling, fun and potentially dangerous at the same time. Some of us weren’t disposed to have engaged the services of a driving school, thus we learnt by rebelling and taking risks.

You Can trust God With Your relationship

The first stage in driving is being able to move the car from one place to another without hitting anybody or scratching the car. But then, you really have not started driving if you are yet unable to successful navigate the car on the highway. Driving on the highway is the peak in one’s training, everything one does prepares him/her for the highway.

A highway is the main, direct public road, especially a multi-lane, high speed thoroughfare connecting major population centers. A learner cannot drive at ease on a highway, it takes one who has considerably improved his/her driving skill to navigate the highway successfully and not cause congestion on the highway. Hence, driving on the highway is an exclusive reserve for experts.

Then, there are less-busy roads, which are characterized by considerable little or no traffic, where a learner can learn at ease. Therefore a learner who is yet to learn how to successfully navigate the car on the highway cannot boast of his/her capability to drive, or fit into the category of an expert driver.

Similarly in life, there are two kinds of people and they include: Highway Individuals, and individuals of the less-busy roads. Highway individuals are those who have taken the time to improve themselves through reading, learning and exposing themselves to positive influences, which becomes evident in the way they talk, reason, as well as their attitude towards life. While Individuals of the less-busy roads are just the opposite, such individuals live a life of complacency, they can never be found busy working on themselves or busy building their capacity. They generally enjoy the dormant life.

Consequently, the highway individuals are seen as ‘very intimidating’, this is because persons who have not deared to improve themselves in a way that is commensurate with theirs, are generally unable to flow with them. Highway individuals generally are unable to flow with just anybody, even when they try to, they find it very difficult to do so.

Furthermore, Highway Individuals are not at liberty to marry just anybody for such union would ultimately result in frustration for both parties involved especially for them. Hence whoever aspires to be joined to such persons, must be a like-minded person themselves. The principle is ‘Never marry someone who do not share similar values, for such person would not respect your values and that would ultimately result in conflict’. A highway person therefore, must look for another highway person to marry, for that is the essence of the concept of compatibility.

As should be expected however, people generally admire ‘Highway Individuals’, perhaps because of their level of impact and influence which is enviable, people desire to be just like them, or have such persons in their lives even when they are unable to pay the price required for becoming a highway individual themselves, which is where the real life is found.

Being a highway individual is living in a class all by yourself, it is a little world inside our big world, where only few individuals inhabit. It is the world of Champions, where greatness resides. You too can be an Individual of the highway and enjoy the high-side of life, if only you can pay the price today. Refuse to be normal, challenge yourself to grow, that is the price to pay.

Written by,
Ekwegbalu Nnamdi.
{The Social Doctor}

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