So from all indication, HACKING has hit the global scale & Social Networking Websites thereby making #Email, #Facebook, #Twitter and #BankApps Main targets of hackers.

Well, you can secure your Facebook account by following the underlisted TIPs and WARNINGs.

Tips and Warning

1) Never log into your Facebook account in a public Computer. Even if you must, kindly #logout after your activities.

2) Never share your password; Think twice before telling your Facebook password to anyone (except in serious conditions only).

3) If possible change your password as often as humanly possible.

4) Also ensure that your password combination is ALPHA-NUMERIC (#Important).

5) Never allow a third party apps to gain access to your personal information, especially if it’s not from a trusted vendor.

6) Always personalize and check your settings to see if your changes have been saved or tampered (Important).

7) Add Mobile Number Verification (MNV) Feature as additional-security to your log-in state (Important).

8) Never Click on untrusted links(URL) shared by Facebook friends, they might be dangerous to your login security.

9) Always read carefully or better still ignore all pop-up notifications on Facebook.

10) If you’re not really sure of your friends, never update your current status or private information on Facebook.

11) Be sure to unfriend people who try to bully you on Facebook. If you just keep them as your friends, they’ll just think that you want some more friends (which you technically don’t want).

12) Ignore all game “invitation to play”

13) ….etc

#Share, to reduce Hackers rate of Operation.


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